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บริษัทคลังสวัสดิ์ไพบูลย์ จำกัด

Sawatpaiboon Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.

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There are 2 types of Tapioca grow in Thailand.
1. Sweet Type, Low Hydrocyanic acid, Used for human consumption, which is soft and friable. But in small quantities.
2. Bitter Type, High Hydrocyanic acid, Toxic, Use for animal feed and industrial such as privatization Tapioca pellets and alcohol.

Processing of Tapioca into Tapioca Chip
Step 1. Clean impurities from the Tapioca.
Step 2. Put the Tapioca in the cutting machine.
Step 3. Put out in the sun on concrete (drying) or bamboo sieve.
Step 4. The drying will have to use a rake on Tapioca every 1-2 hours .When it dried, it sends the next sale.

General Tapioca Chipมันเส้นทั่วไป
1. Starch not less than 65 % by weight (Based on Polarimetric EU).
2.Fibers, not exceeding 5 % by weight.
3. Moisture not exceeding 14 % by weight.
4. No additives Unless sandy soil attached to the Tapioca not exceeding 3 % by weight.
5. No odor and discoloration.
6. Not spoiled,or moldy.
7. No insects were alive.