Rice production Rice production is the process of the Company has provided very important. We need a powerful machine and monitoring the quality of products, processes continuously. Since the process of purchasing raw materials. Grain are through the various stages of production the packaging.
Grain production have rice 48 %, broken rice 17%, bran 10% and husk 25%.

Rice production process
***Step 1. Clean and separate impurities from the grain.
After a screening of grain. And have tested the properties. Grain will be cleaned by separating the impurities are removed by machine 2 types.
1. GRAIN SEPARATOR, separate dust, straw, gravel, sand and other impurities.
2. DESTONER, separate stone tablets, which are similar in size to a grain.

***Step 2. Peel off.
Separate the husk from the rice. And the rice at this process that the "Brown rice " by machine 2 types.
1. RUBBER ROOL HULLER, peel off the husk from the grain.
2. HUSK SEPARATOR, separate the husk and Brown rice out of proportion. The husk will be delivered to the fuel, Brown rice was transformed into the next step.

***Step 3. Separation of the grain in the Brown rice.
Through step 2, it may be a rice paddy in another. We need to separate the grain from the Brown rice again. 2 replicate for the rice without paddy rice by PADDY SEPARATOR machine.

***Step 4. Burnish rice bran off the Brown rice
By 2 machines.
1. VERTICAL WHITENER, Burnish surface coating from rice called "raw rice bran" Burnish three times to without raw rice bran. The coated rice.
2. HORIZONTAL POLISHER , Polished rice grain is polished to a smooth, clean, without raw rice bran and contaminants, the raw rice bran will be transported as raw material in the production of rice bran oil. And extract rice bran.

***Step 5, Grading of rice.
Grading of rice, long grain rice is different. Such as, 6/8 , 5/8 and 4/8 , etc. and put them in silos . To be packaging to the next step.