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บริษัทคลังสวัสดิ์ไพบูลย์ จำกัด

Sawatpaiboon Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.

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Parboiled rice, the production of rice Derived from the rice soak in the water until moisture of 30-40 %, steamed or boiled until cooked, then remove the paint peels off, the rice milling quality is improved. Broken less and improve the nutritional value of rice. The nutrients are absorbed into the meat from the shell during the soaking and steaming rice to make a Lemon Yellow.

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Rice production Rice production is the process of the Company has provided very important. We need a powerful machine and monitoring the quality of products, processes continuously. Since the process of purchasing raw materials. Grain are through the various stages of production the packaging.
Grain production have rice 48 %, broken rice 17%, bran 10% and husk 25%.

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