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บริษัทคลังสวัสดิ์ไพบูลย์ จำกัด

Sawatpaiboon Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.

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1. Parboiled Rice 100%
    It must have a white background and the grain composition/ degree are as follows:
Rice contains
    Long grain Class 1 and Class 2 combined not less than 60.0 percent, the remaining part is long grain rice class 3 which may have short grains not exceeding 10.0 percent.
Ingredients include
    Whole kernels not less than 80.0 percent.
Brokens having a length from 5.0 but not exceeding 8.0 is less than 4.0 percent of these may be broken grains with length not exceeding 5.0.
The remaining part is head rice having the length from 8.0 parts onward.
Milling degree : Extra well milled.

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Tapioca Chip
    Tapioca Chip is a very important crop in Thailand. Each year, it brings an income of more than 80,000 million baht per year. It is grown by more than five hundred thousand farmers. Moreover, it generates a lot of employment opportunities. Recently, Thailand’s export of Tapioca Chip has been facing a strong competition. Most importantly, importing countries have introduced trade barriers on the quality and standard of the product. This greatly affects Thailand’s production and export of Tapioca Chip products in the world market. The Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce as a governing body in charge of importing and exporting of Tapioca Chip products is looking for an effective ways to solve the growing problems by implementing the project called "Clean Tapioca Chip Project" from 2001 to present.

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