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บริษัทคลังสวัสดิ์ไพบูลย์ จำกัด

Sawatpaiboon Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.

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    Sawatpaiboon Rice Mill Co.,Ltd was established  by Mr. Sawat - Mr. Jumrun Mungngarm and Mr. Kittichai Thangjaroen, Mr. Kittichai Thangjaroen and Mr. Parkphum Mungngarm is executives. The founders have conducted business on behalf of the Sawatpaiboon Rice Mill was registered on 3 May, 2012, Registered Capital 200,000,000 Baht.
    Sawatpaiboon Rice Mill Co.,Ltd have the mill with a capacity of 1000 ton / day on over 500 acres using steam, buy paddy directly from farmers in the neighborhood.
    Later in the year 2014, the company has capacity of increased and improved the Rice production of high quality.
    The company has created a bucket of rice and conveyor systems, in order to store and transport efficiency, protect from dust and insects that eat the rice. The company also supports and to educate farmers to increase revenue build a better life. The production of rice to needs of the market and is highly resistant to weather any season, reduce the risk to be affected by natural disasters and the purchase - sale fairly.
    The company has used the experience, development of rice quality process and adopt technology to deploy, never stops to improve the quality of the product. The educational needs of the consumer, to bring the information to improve the quality of the product and new products to meet the demands of today's consumers.